Arev32 Conversions

Are you looking to extend the life of your Advanced Revelation application?

If so, then Arev64/32 is for you!

The Arev64/32 interface contained within OpenInsight release 8.0 and above allows users and developers to run and create Advanced Revelation applications in a console application powered by OpenInsight.

The Arev64/32 interface supplements the GUI interface that is synonymous with OpenInsight. Both the GUI and Arev64/32 interfaces communicate with the Revelation OpenEngine (the "heart" of the database environment). Therefore both interfaces have access to all tables and programs stored in the database, and can inter-operate. Developers can have the best of both worlds (OpenInsight and Advanced Revelation), with no middleware add-on costs, as well as take advantage of OpenInsight's economical Network User Licensing.

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OpenInsight for Web (O4W)

Are you looking to create a browser-based interface to your OpenInsight or multivalue application?

Do you need to integrate your application with handheld mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?

Let WinWin Solutions show you how with OpenInsight for Web (O4W). OpenInsight for Web (O4W) is a flexible and powerful web development toolkit for OpenInsight and other multivalue databases.

Some of our clients who have utilized our O4W consulting services are:

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