Company Profile

WinWin Solutions, Inc. is the premier provider of software solutions using OpenInsight, OpenInsight for Web (O4W), and Advanced Revelation. WinWin's client base ranges in market from the federal government, investment banks, payroll and human resources applications, and major insurance companies, to small businesses, manufacturing concerns, and county and local governments. Its services range from full design, analysis and development of new applications, to maintenance of existing applications, to per-incident hotline support. The company specializes in data warehousing, web access for linear hash data, and integration of linear hash data with other applications as well as web hosting.

Beginning in 2007 WinWin Solutions began offering formal Business Integration and Office Automation services. Organizations and individuals requiring these skill sets should contact WinWin at (201) 722 9814.

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Founded 1997
Ownership Privately held
Headquarters 99 Kinderkamack Road
Suite 109
Westwood, NJ 07675

phone: +1 201 722 9814
fax: +1 201 722 9815
Mission Statement WinWin's mission is to excel and provide leadership in the design, development, delivery, service, and support of component-based application development tools. The company's goal is to lead the market by providing outstanding support and service to their clients.
History At A Glance

1997 - Mike Ruane founds WinWin Solutions, Inc. in Westwood, NJ, USA.

1997 – WinWin Solutions develops WebList, the ability to generate HTML reports out of Advanced Revelation or OpenInsight.

1998 – Inet_Weblist is developed, further advancing the technology developed for Weblist. Inet_Weblist allows reporting and interaction between web-based clients and OpenInsight applications. It also enables reporting from OpenInsight directly into Microsoft Excel 97 across the web. WinWin also assumes all training responsibilities for Revelation Software.

1999 – After an increase in staffing, WinWin increases their office space at 99 Kinderkamack Road in Westwood.

2000 - WinWin Solutions becomes the sole provider for Revelation Software's technical support.

2001 - WinWin Solutions acquires controlling interest in Revelation Software, spending the next few years improving the product line.

2004 - WinWin Solutions offers OSpeller 1.1 for sale to the public. OSpeller is an OpenInsight-based spell check tool for use in all OpenInsight applications.

2005 - WinWin Solutions offers Impounder for general sale to the public.

2006 - WinWin Solutions acquires InTrust, a Jail Management Software package. InTrust is in use at approximately 20 jails throughout the United States.

2007 - WinWin Solutions acquires InTrust, a Jail Management Software package. InTrust is in use at approximately 20 jails throughout the United States.

2010 - WinWin Solutions' introduces Technical Support for Everyone (TSE).

2012 - WinWin Solutions offers hosting services for Advanced Revelation and OpenInsight based applications.

Key Products / Services

Custom Built Applications – WinWin provides full service solutions for Custom Built Applications that can be deployed in any industry. Developers can contribute to the concept development or create a flexible, dynamic robust application from client specifications.

Existing Application Support – WinWin also provides ongoing technical support and enhancement for existing Revelation-based applications.

CemSoft - Cemetery Operations Software.

Impounder – Impounder is an OpenInsight-based tool for towing and impounding companies to help track and manage automobiles and impounding and storage fees.

OSpeller – OSpeller is a spell check tool made especially for OpenInsight-based applications that has an extendable dictionary of over 80,000 words. OSpeller works equally well with OpenInsight.

TimeKeeper - TimeKeeper 2.0. is an OpenInsight-based time tracking system. It allows for the entry of multiple employees working on multiple projects for multiple clients. Tracking reports, invoice review, invoice printing and aging are all built-in.

WebHosting – The web-hosting farm includes your own server, use of either Apache or IIS, backup power and offsite tape backup of your data. We use only Dell and IBM servers to ensure the highest reliability. Our up and down speeds average 1.1 mbps.


Customer Service and Support WinWin offers hotline support for both Advanced Revelation and OpenInsight on either a contract or per-incident basis. The hotline support covers such areas as immediate problem resolution, system scanning and checkup, and additional functionality. We can do this work either with a copy of your system at our office, remotely via TeamViewer, or on-site at your place of business.
Selected Customers

Dynamic Distribution, National Investment Bank of Ghana, Rokel Investment Bank, Fleurchem, Lord & Taylor, Marshall Fields

US Magnesium, Sagent Advisors Inc., CenterLight Healthcare

Seeds of Success, Horizon BC/BS of Maryland, Galil Importing Corp., Cedar Park Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Waste Management Corporation.